What People Have to Say About Us

Madellen Cunningham
Madellen Cunningham
I put off seeing a PT due to fear of injury in the hands of an under qualified person. This is NOT Sarah. She was recommended to me by my Osteopath and Sarah has been absolutely fantastic helping me build strength and recover from injuries. Her solid understanding of muscles and tendons and all the other bits is really what you need when you’re over 40 and parts of you are starting to fail. Her Pilates classes are small so you know she’s keeping an eye on you and making sure you’re getting the most out of it. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Gabrielle G
Gabrielle G
Sarah is an incredible PT. Her experience and knowledge shines through in every session. No two sessions are the same (unless you want them to be) - she offers variety and tailors each session based on your goals. Sarah is highly attuned to her clients needs and limitations, and always takes these things into account during sessions. She’s also very personable and creates a warm, welcoming environment that facilitates learning and development. Highly recommend!
Sherryl Simpson
Sherryl Simpson
Friendly atmosphere, with a great teacher. Options and challenges for all levels.
Michael K
Michael K
Sarah is awesome.
Grant Mason
Grant Mason
Sarah is knowledgeable and supportive. I have been going to her well kitted out gym space for over a year and with her help my strength, flexibility and base level fitness has significantly improved. I trust her.
Steph Pitstock
Steph Pitstock
Sarah is an amazing PT who has helped me lose weight and recover from back injury. Sarah provides a safe space to exercise without judgement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a qualified PT who cares about her clients and helps achieve results.
lesley whitehurst
lesley whitehurst
Sarah has tailored my exercise program by taking account of old injuries, enabling me to greatly improve my fitness and core stability.
I love working out with In Good Shape. I feel positive after every session, happier and healthier! I look forward to working out for the first time in my life!
Mell Brown
Mell Brown
Sarah is amazing. Both myself & my partner Grant have used her services. For exercise, for yoga, for food diaries she has excelled. We have lost weight, been challenged, maintained a level of fitness through years of her guidence, we would not have achieved without her. A happy customer for many years, I cannot recommend more highly.

Having latent injuries from an adolescent basketball career, and recurring issues from an ED, I was worried that re-joining a gym would exacerbate both problems. Working with Sarah has been the best decision I could have made. She has created programs that both challenge me and take into account my problem areas. Her friendly, bright and upbeat nature is a pleasure to be around. She has kept in strict accordance with Covid-19 sanitation and distancing rules, and keeps the space lovely and clean. After only a few weeks of sessions with Sarah, family and friends have commented on my progress, noticing changes in toning and weight loss. Unlike the gym membership I had for years, I really look forward to each session with Sarah, and I’m excited to continue our journey together.

– Maggie

The weekly session with Sarah has been very good for the both of us. We have seen an improvement in core strength, balance and flexibility resulting in improved posture. Sarah makes each session interesting and challenging. She is very good at what she does in assessing where we are at individually and tailoring the program to suit. We appreciate her gracious gentle nature.

– Angie and Andre

Sarah has been working with me to improve my overall fitness and flexibility as I get older and older! I have had different types of sessions with Sarah – personal training, remedial massage and reformer pilates. I highly recommend Sarah. She is a very friendly, caring professional who is interested in making sure that I achieve my goals in a way that I can manage at my own pace but with just the right amount of push to get me going and keep me motivated. Sarah’s cheerful and natural personality makes me feel at ease. I find all her suggestions and tips helpful and worthwhile. I am grateful that Sarah has been able to work with me as it has made such a difference to my overall well being and physical health. It is lovely have someone work with you who really cares about helping people, is professional but yet she becomes your friend as well. I look forward to my sessions with Sarah. Thank you Sarah for all the help you have given me so far and will give me in the future as I continue to age, gracefully, I hope! .

– Veronica

I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah as a personal trainer and massage therapist. I started with her because I could not motivate myself to exercise. I had tried numerous classes and trainers and felt I was either pushed too hard or not hard enough. Sarah was able to judge how far to extend me and modify my sessions depending on how I was feeling on the day. As an astute trainer, Sarah ensures correct technique and is mindful of any injuries you may be carrying. The wonderful thing abut her being a massage therapist is that she knows your body and in massage is able to release any areas identified in training as being problematic. Above all, Sarah is REAL. No fad diet tips or mega marathon runs. Rather a genuine passion for health and wellbeing. Her warm and friendly personality allows you to instantly feel comfortable. Thanks Sarah for helping me to find my balance.

– Julia

I have been engaging in training for several years with Sarah, in both a small group and in individual training sessions. Apart from her friendly and pleasant demeanour that improves the experience enormously, she is dedicated and professional in her work. Her programming is varied and she ensures all muscles groups are covered. She is also very accommodating of injuries and incapacitions quickly able to devise alternative exercises that work the same muscle group, or find other exercises that avoid working the injured areas. I would thoroughly recommend her as a trainer in any capacity.

– Caron

“For years I have struggled with weight loss. Tried everything from dieting, heavy weight lifting, multiple PT’s you name it. Nothing ever has had long term results. I moved to the Baulkham Hills area a few months ago and decided to try give this weight loss thing another go as I had found my motivation again as I had recently got engaged so I had a personal goal to achieve.I came across Sarah’s details on a google search so I decided to arrange a 1:1 PT session with her. From day one it didn’t feel like your typical PT session. Sarah was warm and friendly and very encouraging. I discussed my goals with her and she was confident that they were achievable without having to go down the route of extreme dieting or over exercising. Her mentality to approaching weight loss was exactly what I needed. Not to look at this like a diet or quick solution to meet a goal but instead make it a lifestyle choice and stop over thinking it. She thought me how to still enjoy nights out with friends or eating out with my partner as well by doing it all within moderation and continuing to reach my goals. This was something I always struggled with. She put things in simple terms for me and kept me accountable for my progress with weekly weigh ins. I was amazed when the weight started to fall off as I didn’t feel like I was even dieting. I was just making smarter choices as Sarah would say. She changed my mindset and approach to thi so much so that I feel I have so much more energy, I’m meeting my goals and feeling much better about myself.She has a friendly approach in her training style. I always look forward to her sessions. She can push you while still making you enjoy the session. It’s nice to finally find a PT you can build a friendship with and help meet your goals. Each workout is always different. She has a creative approach to training which I really enjoy. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Samantha

Due to continuous tendonitis flare ups over the past few years, I spoke to my doctor who suggested I would benefit from exercises to strengthen my muscles as in a weakened state the tendons were being overworked. I felt uncomfortable joining a gym and was worried about creating more problems. I found Sarah’s website and after reading what services she could offer I signed up for the intro package. Sarah was always very patient with me as my co ordination wasn’t so good and I was glad to have the one on one instruction that I wouldn’t have had in a group class. I continued to see Sarah for nearly 5 months and am happy to say my strength has improved without any further injuries. My confidence has also grown with the encouragement and exercises from Sarah so I have now be able move on to join a Pilates group. I highly recommend Sarah as a personal trainer and will have no hesitation returning to Sarah in the future for a check in class or a massage.

– Julie

Having recently slipped a disc in my neck and needing surgery and with a number of minor discs prolapses in my lower back I knew it was time to seriously work on my core and flexibility and felt that Pilates would be the right solution to address these issues. Sarah was able to take into account my back issues and structure a Pilates program that has done wonders for my back and drive to return to a proper exercise program. I would highly recommend her because of her dedication, professionalism and knowledge with respect to physical training. Sarah is an affable person making the training even more enjoyable even though at times challenging.

– Mauro

In 2013, having already shed 20kg’s, I’d hit a plateau and needed to find a new source of motivation and encouragement. From our very first session Sarah was brilliant. Always encouraging, bright and positive, she was constantly helping me to drive at new goals and helping me keep accountable with food and exercise. Now 2 years later, I’ve exceeded my goal and very happy with where I am at! I’d recommend anyone to Sarah – her positive attitude, excellent knowledge of both nutrition & exercise and her realistic approach to achieving results have been fantastic. I’m very grateful for what she has done for me.

– Elsie

My husband and I are in our 30’s and found ourselves very out of shape. We decided that we needed a lifestyle overhaul and saw Sarah for an initial five sessions. In this time, Sarah helped us with nutritional advice, encouragement and exercise. With a few tweaks to our diet and our sessions with Sarah, we both lost 10kg each. Sarah was always positive and encouraging and helped us to be accountable which worked very well for us both. So much so that I then decided to do five pilates reformer sessions with Sarah, which I really enjoyed and found improved my core strength. Now three months after our first session with Sarah, we have more energy, are lighter and more motivated to keep making positive changes in our lives. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who will work with them to achieve long term and realistic results. Sarah has been absolutely wonderful and I’m grateful to her for our new found energy.

– Greg and Kelly, Winston Hills

I’ve been training with Sarah for around 6 months now and have seen a huge improvement in my core stability. My constant back pain is now gone, and I’m feeling so much fitter and stronger. Sarah has been really great at working within my limitations and improving my strength gradually. I’d recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a qualified trainer to work with.

– Paula, Baulkham Hills

I sort Sarah out to help with my back and strengthen my core muscles after a work accident. I worked with Sarah on a weekly basis mostly on Pilates and core strength. After a few weeks I could feel the difference and change with my back. If i needed help on other parts of my body & any questions I asked, Sarah was always helpful and willing to help. I would suggest Sarah to my family and friends and hope to train with Sarah in the future.

– Jo, Baulkham Hills

My husband and I are in our 50s and we wanted some guidance about what kind of exercise was suitable for us. Sarah showed us a huge array of routines that we can do enjoyably and which also increases our fitness. We spent 10 weeks trying new exercises and discovered that we really love Pilates, which we will further pursue. We will have ongoing contact with Sarah, asking her to top us up periodically, her flexibility with her packages is really great.

– Anne and Steve, North Rocks

I had a chronic sciatica pain and my doctor recommended that I do pilates to strengthen my core. I did not want to join a pilates group because I want someone who can work on helping me with my problem. I tried to look for a personal trainer close to home. This is why I contacted Sarah. She worked around on what she felt was best for my condition and that I was comfortable with the exercises. The Reformer Machine that she had was great. She planned a suitable set of exercises that I should do at home. Sarah even gave me exercises that I can do during our Eastern USA and Canada trip and patiently took photos of the exercises on my mobile phone so that I won’t forget them. She is very helpful and dedicated trainer. I have stopped seeing her due to my personal circumstance but am continuing the exercises she has planned for me. I would definitely recommend Sarah Harwood because she is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and a friendly personal trainer.

– Julie, Kellyville

When I started with Sarah I was in quite bad shape and had spent over 12 months with an osteopath to get me to a point of just being able to walk without pain. I wanted to exercise but was actually quite frightened about getting a trainer that would be qualified to train but not experienced enough to work with my body and the issues I had. Sarah came to me by recommendation from my osteopath and I have thanked my lucky stars she did, it has taken time to get to where I am no longer in pain and can walk and exercise like I did 10 years ago. Sarah has the experience and knowledge to be able to change my programs with a seconds notice. In the beginning I could be great one week and then spend the next four unable to do anything and this was the reason I needed to have someone that could work with my needs, not just treat me as a text book case. Sarah truly has a passion for what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough she is an amazing trainer and an amazing person.

– Kerrie, Dural

I first used Sarah’s services last year when my daughter Abbey had back to back sporting events. She had previously had repetitive hamstring injuries and was concerned about the strain on her legs. Sarah kept her injury free throughout the period. A few months after this I had a serious back injury and sort out Sarah’s services again. Sarah devised a program to assist with my recovery and then moved onto a strengthening program. I have not had any problems since and I continue to see Sarah to work on maintaining overall good health. Abbey now joins my sessions with Sarah. Each week is different and planned to suit our individual needs. Sarah is reliable, punctual, flexible and above all professional. I would not hesitate recommending her service to others.

– Jene, Castle Hill

My wife and I needed to get fitter 15 months ago when we first contacted Sarah. Our daughter aged 15 decided to join us and we all look forward to our weekly one hour of personal training. Sarah’s programs have lots of variety and have gradually increased in intensity as our strength and aerobic capacity have improved. What we are each asked to do is very tailored to our personal ability and progress to date. I have had some injuries in the past and have been very reassured that Sarah is very aware of this and chooses appropriate exercises for me. However the one hour still has plenty of challenges and I am often surprised by the new level of effort Sarah has encouraged us to reach. We are all feeling the benefit of our weekly workout and I am sure Sarah still has plenty of challenges ahead for us too.

– John, Beecroft

I first met Sarah through my daughter Laura, who was having personal training sessions with her at our house. It was my daughters suggestion that I ask Sarah to consider taking me on. I was a “special case” overweight, under exercised and very weak after a few rounds of chemotherapy. That was 6 months ago and Sarah is now a regular visitor at my house each Wednesday evening. We started slowly and each week with different exercises planned for me, I began to get stronger, more confident and soon feel pretty good. With Sarah’s encouragement and kindness I have managed to lose 10 kilos and really look forward to Wednesdays @ 5pm! I especially enjoy the boxing. Always something different to master, and the time goes so fast! These days I am walking a few times a week, exercising with Sarah, feeling great, eating more healthy options and remain hopeful to keep the weight going down. I can certainly recommend Sarah’s professional, kind approach to fitness, and am seeing the rewards of our hard work. Thanks so much Sarah

– Wendy, 52, Castle Hill

Over six months ago I ended up with a back injury and had a bulge disc from lifting heavy weights. It was mentioned by my trainer that Pilates could be something that might help with my core to strengthen my back. I came to Sarah not long after the injury and she has provided professional and excellent one-on-one training for my back and explained how the muscles work and why our muscles result to injuries; in my case high intensity work out being crossfit. Sarah has provided exceptional training and one-on-one support and she has definitely helped strengthen my core and the right muscles to activate. I thought that I would never be lifting again, but seeing Sarah now for over 6 months, I am back to feeling good, stronger and lifting heavier. I would highly recommend Sarah for Pilates to anyone and I am confident that she will help you achieve what you need.

– Stef, 34, Baulkham Hills

I’ve been training with Sarah for the past 2 years. I wasn’t on a mission to lose weight but I was more into toning my body, strengthening my core and testing my flexibility and strength. I ended up with pneumonia last year so I was off exercise for 9 weeks. We managed to slowly work on the Pilates reformer machine and incorporated light weight exercises to the point where I am now comfortable with doing what she has planned for me that session. Sarah will listen and work around what we both feel is best for me. She also changes it up each week so we’re not always doing the same routine – each session is always a surprise. I would definitely recommend Sarah for any type of personal training – it’s definitely been worth it!

– Angie, 30, Carlingford

I trained with Sarah for over 2 years with the goal of trying to lose weight. I didn’t have a target weight at the time however Sarah helped me lose over 20kgs! Not only was Sarah able to help me lose weight but she has helped me to easily maintain my current weight. I can also say that I have a much greater understanding of healthy eating and exercise since my time with Sarah, knowledge that will serve me throughout my entire life. Sarah’s sessions are always great with a wide variety of exercises targeted to your goals, needs and fitness level. Sarah is also great with working around any injuries while still getting the most out of every session. Also willing to answer any questions I had outside of training hours and always offering motivation during the week, I can easily say Sarah is a trainer dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and stay on track. I would have no problem in recommending Sarah to any of my friends as there’s no way I would have been able to achieve this result on my own and I can’t thank Sarah enough for all the help she has given me over the years.

– Steph, 25, Castle Hill

I started seeing Sarah as my trainer 12 weeks after having my third child. The convenience of her coming to my home and bringing her own equipment really suited me with having little time and flexibility. She is punctual and reliable and very accommodating to any last minute changes (of which I have many with 3 young kids!) The workouts with Sarah have been varied, including boxing, kettle bells, weights & incorporating some pilates. Sarah is always very organised and has a suitable program planned out for each session which suits the particular goals at that time, whilst maintaining a high level of motivation.
Sarah is very knowledgeable in regards to nutrition and often gave me recommendations of what I should be eating in order to achieve my desired results. She often text messages to provide support in between sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone for personal training. Her support, experience and knowledge is superior and most certainly achieves results with her clients.

– Laura, 32, Castle Hill

I have been working with Sarah for the past couple of years, initially with the goal of weight loss, and then later for my general health and fitness during pregnancy. Sarah has the ability to keep you focused on your goals, and to keep the workouts fresh, so you want to get out of bed at 6am. I really enjoy my sessions with Sarah, not just for the results we get physically, but also the psychological benefits. She knows how to get the best out of me.

– Jane, 40, lane Cove

I have trained with Sarah for a number of years now. Prior to seeing Sarah I have had two other personal trainers as well as training at a gym and participating in group fitness classes. Sarah is extremely professional always arriving on time with all the appropriate equipment. She has a huge amount of experience and that brings amazing variety which helps to keep the motivation up long term. I have had pilates, kettlebell, weights, fit ball, Plyometric and running based exercise sessions to name a few. She makes workouts fun- distracting just enough to push you but providing plenty of feedback to achieve goals that she spends the time with you to set. All workouts are tailored to your goals, your fitness levels, any injuries and how you present on the day. Sarah has helped me through one particular year that has included hospitalisation and illness and set training sessions to match my needs. I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to my friends and family for achieving their own specific goals.

– Melissa, 27, Pennant Hills

My partner Grant & I having been training with Sarah for a number of years, usually taking the winter months off & ruining the hard work of the previous 8 months. Sarah was recommended to us & keeps our training sessions fun, and we both have enjoyed her encouragement and the fact that Sarah mixes the sessions up week to week, so our training is not monotonous. We were just wanting something a little more to keep us that bit fitter, as we know we’re not disciplined enough to do sit-ups, lunges etc without Sarah motivating us. It’s perfect for us, as Sarah comes to our home in the morning, while our little one is still asleep, no baby sitter required. She trains us both at the same time bringing all the equipment required, and there is a little competitive banter between my partner & I as we train. Sarah has been able to adjust our training while I have had a bad back & my partner has had sore knees, even doing a pilates session with me one morning when I felt too fluey to do a full on training session. Sarah has advised us on our diet, exercises to do between sessions and has encouraged us through the years of being with her. I have recommended Sarah to friends in the past & have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs that extra bit of motivation to head down the path of a healthier more active lifestyle.

– Mell, 42 & Grant, 44, Northmead

I definitely recommend Sarah Harwood as a personal trainer – she is brilliant. Sarah has a really great and positive personality and has such a fun approach to exercise. Sarah taught me so much about exercise and passed on so much helpful and healthy knowledge about fitness. she helped me with an eating plan and gave me recommendations of what I should be eating to see the best results. Sarah helped me lose 8kilos and gave me the most motivation I’ve ever had in reaching my weight and fitness goals. Sarah genuinely cares and sent me motivational messages between each session – they helped me so much to stay focused!! Thanks Sarah – couldn’t have gotten here without you !!!

– Laura, 23, Castle Hill

“I started seeing Sarah post hip replacement surgery for exercise and to lose weight. I found Sarah to be very knowledgeable about post surgery exercise. She tailored her fitness programs to accommodate my recovering hip whilst still achieving my goal of getting fit and losing weight. Sarah’s sessions were fun with a variety of activities and I found her to be extremely motivating.”

– Brett, 44, Carlingford

We are a group of work colleagues who had lost our previous trainer. We contacted a number of trainers in our bid to keep our group sessions going. Sarah was by far and away the most competitively priced and was very easy to communicate with. We have been extremely happy with the group training we have with Sarah each week. She is friendly and professional and has always been flexible working around our schedule. Her sessions are always varied and tailored to the needs and varied fitness levels of our group. She made herself aware of our various pre existing injuries and has made every effort to adjust exercises to accommodate these. We feel challenged in each session and have appreciated her expertise in Pilates. We enjoy the mix of cardio, weights and boxing. She introduces a number of new exercises each week, so every session is different. Sarah is patient and puts up with our occasional grumbling with good humour. She takes the time to demonstrate technique and explain the purpose behind the exercises. We have worked with Sarah for 18 months and would happily recommend her to any group looking for a personal trainer.

– Michelle, Sandy, Caron, Judie, Bridget and Dora – Baulkham hills

I started training with Sarah in preparation for my up and coming spinal surgery to try and give myself a better chance of recovering after the surgery. I can say that without Sarah’s expertise in preparing me with her training, the process in my recovery would have been a lot slower. Sarah was extremely positive and tailored my training to suit my situation in order to achieve a desirable outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for your personal training needs

– Neil, 37, Parramatta

Over the years I have tried many things (diets, gym membership, home exercise equipment etc) to lose weight & improve my fitness. Consistency was always the biggest challenge. Almost 1 year ago, I started training with Sarah. Sarah brought much needed accountability, consistency & practical advice for my diet & exercise. Having her come to my home, takes away all the “excuses” & is time efficient. My daughter loves “training” with us & it’s great to role model a healthy lifestyle. Training with Sarah, I am reaching my health & fitness goals!!!! I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to see CHANGE in their health & fitness.

– Rachel, 37, Thornleigh

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you remarkable efforts and hard work with my pre and post pregnancy training.
You have helped me achieve results beyond my imagination and have helped me re-gain my pre-pregnancy body so quickly.
(Lost 12kg and 46cm)
Your sessions are always enjoyable, structured and diverse and you always take my feedback into account. No session is ever boring!
Once again, thank you for a first class job with my training.

– Marie, 29, Castle Hill

After the birth of my last child I was keen to lose weight. As I had never been a gym goer and had never dieted before I was unsure as to how to get started. A pack of 10 sessions with Sarah Harwood Personal Training (given to me as a gift) was enough to give me the understanding and confidence to watch what I was eating, to properly exercise and train and to ultimately allow me to work towards achieving my personal fitness and weight goals. After 4 months of working with Sarah I have lost almost 11 kgs and have taken 10 cm off my waist and 8cm off my hips. I am almost back to my pre-baby weight, have completely changed the way that I eat, am feeling healthy and strong and am enjoying the compliments from friends and family. Thankyou Sarah for your individualised program and your understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. I would have no hesitation on recommending you to anyone mum (like me) who was wanting to get their groove back!

– Kelly, 37 year old and mother of three

My family and I started training with Sarah together to lose weight and make some big lifestyle changes. I had a lot of weight to lose and Sarah’s friendly and welcoming approach helped me tackle my goals with excitement and enthusiasm, rather than making it seem like a daunting and impossible task.. Her work out sessions are tailored to suit each individual’s needs and while I was training with two others, I always felt like I was doing exercises that were specific to my abilities and fitness level. The sessions are also fun, yet simple and easy to remember which made it useful when working out alone to implement what Sarah had taught me. My initial goal was to lose 30kgs by November 2011 but I have already reached this goal and have now set my sights on the 40kg mark. Along with Sarah’s nutritional advice and unwavering support I am now continuing to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

– Penny, 25, Baulkham Hills

I have been working with Sarah for two and a half years. When I first met Sarah my second child was just 13 weeks old and I desperately wanted to get back into shape. Even though I have been an active and sporty person my whole life, with 2 children under 3 years of age to look after, going to the gym on a regular basis was impossible. I initially only planned to meet up with Sarah once a week for 13 weeks, but the results came so quickly I doubled my sessions to twice a week. Sarah took care of my post-natal, breast-feeding body and skilfully strengthened my weakened knee 10 years after its reconstruction. After 6 months I reached my goal weight and was leaner and fitter than ever before. With new muscle and strength in my legs, my running improved and my arms, shoulders and abs were lean and strong. I can even do push-ups on my toes! Sarah is extremely talented at adjusting each session so that you work both within your abilities and also stretch yourself towards new levels of fitness. In the 200+ sessions we have met up for, Sarah has never put me through the same routine twice. I am still being introduced to new exercises! Sarah is very flexible in both where and when we meet. Even in the pouring rain with a small amount of space to work in, Sarah manages to put together a challenging and fun session. I have come so far, all thanks to Sarah’s routine’s and support. Deciding to work with Sarah is one of the best things I have ever done to look after myself and my family. Don’t wait any longer – give her a call today. You won’t regret it!

– Kath, 36, Glenhaven

I started training with Sarah late 2008 in order to lose a few kilos I had put on while undergoing several IVF treatments. I had always been interested in fitness and attended a gym regularly but knew I worked better when I was pushed a little.
Three years later I am still seeing Sarah once a week and she is still pushing me! Although I reached my weight loss goal fairly quickly, having regular training sessions enables me to build and develop strength in my upper body (where I have always been weakest) and increase and maintain muscle mass in my lower body. Most recently Sarah has been helping me develop core strength in order to assist me with my competitive sport of dressage.
Sarah has introduced me to a whole range of different cardio and weight-based exercises including boxing, which I had never done before (and now secretly like a lot). Under Sarah’s guidance and encouragement I have also started running, which again is something I never thought I could really do.
Sarah has also helped my husband, who is a black belt in karate, train for his karate grading. Under Sarah’s training he fine tuned his fitness and sailed through his grading. His fellow black belts were impressed enough with his new stamina to ask him what he had been doing! Sarah is very reliable and flexible, and her cheerful personality makes the sessions go very quickly (except for when we do the beep test…). I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a personal trainer.

– Sam, 39, Arcadia

I trained with Sarah two days a week for 45minutes. Sarah offered me a variety of different session from weights to cardio and to my favourite boxing. She would tolerate my constant nagging and complaining and push me that little but harder every session. She even helped me with my diet by giving me nutrition advice and starting me with a food diary .Sarah brought her bright bubbly self to every session and created an atmosphere that you wanted to work out in. Since starting with Sarah I lost an amazing 23kgs over 2 years. I now have the energy and motivation and confidence to do anything. Sarah helped me with my first City to Surf in 2009 and then helped me with my 100km Oxfam walk last year. Sarah is a very positive person who makes you believes in yourself and will help you in achieving your goals. I was so lucky to find Sarah and believe that if you want to make a change to your lifestyle this is the lady that will get you there.

– Meredith, 29, Baulkham Hills

I started training with Sarah in January 2009 for 18months. Initially, I signed up for the ten sessions, seeing Sarah twice a week. The reasons for starting was to lose some of the unwanted weight that I had gained over the years and also get to a suitable level of fitness prior to commencing training for representative netball.
After the first five weeks, I was completely addicted and 12 months later, I’m still enjoying the two sessions a week with Sarah MINUS 15kgs! The positive influences that the sessions have had on my life are astounding. Not only have I successfully lost weight, my sleeping patterns are better and energy levels are higher so I’m finally able to keep up with my 5-yr old daughter. Probably the most rewarding achievement is that I can now run and keep up with the rest of my netball team during fitness training. I’m no longer the last one to finish. No two sessions are the same with Sarah. Somehow, she manages to make the sessions fun and most of the time – you don’t realise just how hard you are pushing yourself (until the next day!). Her knowledge goes beyond just fitness, often giving out very useful nutritional tips and websites to check out. I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone who was looking for a qualified personal trainer.

– Kate, 28, Marsfield

Sarah has been training me at my home for the last 4 years.
I had exercised very little for most of my life – always thinking I was too busy with work and family.
After I retired from work, I joined a gym for a year but it was not a great success ( I found driving to and fro rather a waste of time!)
After setting up some basic equipment in my garage, Sarah started to come once a week for an hour which is perfect for me.
She started out with a daily program and it has evolved for me over the years to be mainly cardio and stretching when on my own but concentrating more on weights, boxing and circuits during my session with Sarah. I have lost several kilograms but I am especially happy with my greatly improved level of fitness and my relatively toned body.
Sarah has motivated me to exercise almost every day. I feel frustrated if I miss even miss one day! When planning holidays, I try to ensure there is a gym available.
Sarah has the ability to vary the sessions so they are never boring. She always has helpful advice when I have the occasional minor ache or pain and has a special interest in Nutrition.
I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah Harwood as a personal trainer.

– Naree, 57, Dural

“I needed a personal trainer as I didn’t have the time or motivation to be working out myself. I dreaded the experience until I met Sarah. Unbelievably she read me like a book. Knew when i could push harder and when I needed a break. Sarah has the all to rare ability to NEVER run the same session twice. Each time it was different and still achieving all my goals. This girl is fantastic. I now love exercising and I thank her for reigniting my passion for a healthy lifestyle.”

– Amanda, 31, Northmead

I started personal training with Sarah to gain motivation in weight lose for myself, to tone and gain muscle in my upper body. I also needed more energy to run around after my 2 young daughters. In that period of around 18 months I lost 12kgs and my confidence lifted & my motivation was back. I felt great when I went out and people commented on my body shape and weight loss which was really rewarding. Sarah was a great trainer. Very motivating, supporting & really pushed you along. Her wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry really showed she loves her work. I felt Sarah brought the best out of me and focused on the end result that I needed to achieve. I thank you Sarah for all your hard work & support that made me achieve the goal weight and have a happier family life style.

– Ben, 36, Kellyville

“A Big Thank you to Sarah” I’ve been working with Sarah Harwood for 12months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Sarah is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Sarah makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly enjoyable. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Sarah will lead you every step of the way. Thank you Sarah- you are the best!”

– Chris, 49, Dural

Disclaimer – results may vary on an individual basis, depending on factors such as but not limited to specific programming, sessions per week, exercise and nutrition, body type and genetics

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